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4 Excel tips that can save you 3.5 hours of work this week!

Here are some tips that I’ve been sharing on Twitter. When you use these kinds of tricks in your regular processes can save you hours of work. There’s no reason to be spending more than 10 minutes on any task. Use these tricks and spend less time on boring stuff, and allow you to focus on what you want to. Continue reading

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How to segment your reporting users

The vast majority of your business users will never use your Business Intelligence tools. There are only 5% (or 1 in 20) of your “users” of business intelligence (BI) tools that will want to “self serve” their information requests. Separate your business users into these three tiers: Shadow IS, Advanced Users, and Managers. Continue reading

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How to Deal with Emergency Reporting Needs… All The Time

I received this e-mail from a Sales Director: “I’m outside this customer’s office, and I have a presentation to make in 10 minutes. Can you make me a couple of slides showing revenue and units for the past 12 months?” Yes, that really happened. Continue reading

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