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Arbitrage – The Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP]

(File size: 15 Mbs, Show Length: 16 minutes) Awesome theme show music by: Matt West – “Let’s Move” Show Notes: I am amazed at how people will think something is impossible at work.  Everything is do-able when you break it … Continue reading

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The Art of Charting in Excel

As a Business Intelligence professional you need to know how to make a good chart in Excel. A good chart can “land” you the client, separate you from other vendors, or make your message to management extremely persuasive. This VIDEO shows you EXACTLY how to create good Microsoft Excel charts. Here is part 3 of a 3 part series on how to create compelling charts in Excel. Continue reading

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Confounded new tool, Whippersnappers, and why the new Excel is great!

Change is hard for people. People spend over half of their energy just trying to keep things the same. Then came “the new” Excel. Here are our favorite new features.. Continue reading

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Cut Data Reconciliations by 90%

You get a new data file and the numbers are close, but slightly different from the other file you already had. Suddenly, you’ve got two different sets of data. Now you have to spend two hours matching things up. Let’s use three steps and make this project a ten minute exercise.
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