Arbitrage – The Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP]

(File size: 15 Mbs, Show Length: 16 minutes)

Awesome theme show music by: Matt West – “Let’s Move”

Show Notes:
I am amazed at how people will think something is impossible at work.  Everything is do-able when you break it down to the simple steps.


  • Definitions and background
  • Taking advantage of a difference in price in two different markets
  • Striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance between them
  • A situation where your risk is nothing, but your benefit is something

Death by PowerPoint
It is amazing how bad some Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be.  Here’s an example of a great speech done with terrible PowerPoint slides.

I’ve put together a set of videos to help show you exactly how to take data and make good charts out of it.  Good charts make great PowerPoint slides.

Chart Challenge 1: Look for a pattern

Chart Challenge 2: Choose chart type

Chart Challenge 3: Remove Clutter

Questions or comments for this, or the next show?

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