Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP] – Return On Investment (ROI)

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Awesome theme show music by: Matt West – “Let’s Move”

Show Notes:

Facebook Group
Facebook is being used by companies like Dr. Pepper and for a branding.  But using Facebook in the office setting doesn’t seem appropriate for this site.  So here’s what we’re doing with Facebook…

Return on Investment (ROI)

Putting together an ROI sounds very formal and very detailed.  It’s a great way to add support to your case or project.  Let’s go over the formula and what to include and where…

Business Intelligence Tool implementations

It amazes me how many implementations we’ve seen go horribly wrong.  The best intentions of Information Systems trying to capture all the specifications and then finally delivering on the request only to be met with uninterest or worse frustration by a very vocal set up users.  What went wrong?  I’ll tell ya, then I say I told ya so…

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