For my birthday I want…

Children's Birthday

For my birthday I want an ERP license!!!

What if your boss asked you what you wanted for your birthday? And just like when your wife or parents ask, you know you’ll get something like it or the exact thing. In my family it’s been something I’ve worked to make an efficient process. I keep a list of items I’d like, but don’t plan on purchasing right away (nice to have but not needs) on my Evernote account. Then a week or so before I browse the list send an e-mail to my wife and parents.

But back to the question: what if your boss asked you? (Catch: it has to be something business related.)

  • Better support from Business Intelligence?
  • Software that isn’t buggy?
  • Workshifting?
  • Three monitors (everyone has two now…)?

It might be time to keep a list of business wishes, and work them into some goal setting process. What would be on your wish list?

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  1. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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