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The best office holiday gift for your boss or coworker

The challenge was finding a gift that was not too showy, but would be remembered. Not too expensive, but display quality. After a lot of thoughtful research, I found a great gift… A pen. No, really, a very cool pen. For starters it’s historical. Pens were given by Presidents George Washington and Harry Truman and also used in Space. Continue reading

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How to survive the New Year

It’s time to recharge the batteries, do a little site maintenance, and prepare for the exciting New Year. What do you do to reward yourself for a great year of hard work, share with the community? Continue reading

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How to be thankful in Black Friday lines

While you’re in line try this activity to make the time pass faster – take each letter of the name of the store and come up with a thing you’re thankful for. We’ll call this the Positive Acronym Game. Continue reading

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