How to be thankful in Black Friday lines

We realize everyone and their cousins are out shopping today.  Tis the season (in the US anyway.) While you are waiting in line, try this activity to make the time pass faster:

Take each letter of the name of the store and come up with a thing you’re thankful for.  We’ll call this the Positive Acronym Game:

Example: Wal-Mart

  • Websites – Can you really grasp how essential these are to our lives now,  what a great thing they are?
  • Affiliations – No, I’m not talking affiliates.  I’m talking about the groups we are connected with.  They add so much support and community to our lives.
  • Lower Costs – So this may sound weird, but if you think about all the things you can buy (especially today).  It’s really something to have food and entertainment be so reasonably priced.
  • Markets – Okay this seems obvious, but the centers for exchanges?  What a great thing.  The mall, craigslist, eBay – they have made things so much better.
  • Alerts – Google alerts.  Oh yeah, get all the information sent to your inbox on the topics that interest you.
  • Reliability – Think about how most cars run for 100k miles, and our equipment is guaranteed to last 1-2 years.  Our things last longer and do more things.
  • Twitter – Yeah, nothing like streaming information from a group of people that share voyeuristically (yeah I just made that up) what’s going on with them.

This game is harder than you think, but that’s the kind of mind game that keeps you positive while the lines go on and on.  Happy Black Friday!

Have a comment or question my stance on reliability?  Please share with the group.

Photo Credit: iowa_spirit_walker

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    hi thanks for the blog.

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    i like it

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