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How to Create Compelling Charts in Excel

A good chart can “land” you the client, separate you from other vendors, or make your message to management extremely persuasive. This VIDEO shows you EXACTLY how to create good Microsoft Excel charts. Here is part 1 of a 3 part series on how to create compelling charts in Excel. Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps for Charting Data

When you have to present Excel data, the last thing you should do is take a screen shot of the data and make it into a PowerPoint slide. The chart should tell a story that can be understood in 5 – 10 seconds. If you take longer than that, your audience will ignore you and focus on trying to understand the chart. Knowing your data is the critical step. Follow these simple steps for charting your data. Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

I broke my own rule this week. In a moment of desperation I began plugging values into cells, sorting and sifting through data trying to get this data table populated. It was brutal. Luckily, I’ve built enough procedures and processes that this type of thing doesn’t happen often. But it reminds me of the purpose of this site Continue reading

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4 Excel tips that can save you 3.5 hours of work this week!

Here are some tips that I’ve been sharing on Twitter. When you use these kinds of tricks in your regular processes can save you hours of work. There’s no reason to be spending more than 10 minutes on any task. Use these tricks and spend less time on boring stuff, and allow you to focus on what you want to. Continue reading

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The best business practice for Excel

If you are working for more than 10 minutes on any one process in Excel, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! I was working on a process that was requiring a bunch of manual moving, copy, and pasting and my little mental timer went off… Continue reading

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More than one way to save in Excel

I’ve heard that Microsoft Excel built in so many redundant processes, in an effort to make it easy for anyone to find a way to perform a function, that any function can be done eight ways.? So I was thinking … Continue reading

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