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OLAP – The Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP]

This podcast can be found in iTunes by searching for “Business Intelligence Podcast” in this 22 minute show we cover: How to better present your purpose by switching the order, how OLAP can unclutter your job, and how we saved someone’s life by figuring out how to count colored rows in Excel. Continue reading

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Diminishing Returns – The Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP]

I had a rare opportunity to speak with and get an e-mail from my Internet Business guru. Business term “The Law of Diminishing Returns”. And companies around the world spend up to $100 billion a year to train employees in the skills they need to improve corporate performance… But training typically doesn’t have much impact.” Find out why this happens? Continue reading

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Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP] – Return On Investment (ROI)

In this show we talk about Facebook usage, Return on Investment calculations, and Business Intelligence tool implementations and their failures. Continue reading

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The Business Intelligence Podcast [BIP] – Elasticity

This podcast covers workshifting or telecommuting or working remotely. We explain the economic term elasticity. And we cover the 5 point checklist BEFORE going on vacation Continue reading

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