How to learn faster and get up to speed

We don’t focus on it.

Sometimes because we’re afraid, other times because we don’t know where to start.

If you come from the Information Systems (IS) side, it’s common.

If you came from the Business side, the idea of writing code sounds either daunting or frustrating.  Learning new programs and languages are common for developers, but for the Business Intelligence professional it’s something we may only dabble in.

We want to highlight an amazing tool for learning languages and programs and show you a specific example of how to use it.

The Amazing Tool

You’ve been checking out YouTube for years to see things like the Lassi Hurskainen Angry Birds or Jedi Kittens, but YouTube has another amazing side (one of many really) and that is that a bunch of education and learning videos are out there.

Real Life Example

I had to get up to speed on Microsoft’s Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS) and knew nothing about it. So I started searching out videos and YouTube and found Steve Fox making amazing videos.  After 2 hours of watching and doing, I was able to build my first package.  Thank you Steve!

Here’s a video that saved me hours of reading and researching:

How to build a simple SSIS package. Part 1 of 3.

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