You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

I broke my own rule this week.  In a moment of desperation I began plugging values into cells, sorting and sifting through data trying to get this data table populated.  It was brutal.  Luckily, I’ve built enough procedures and processes that this type of thing doesn’t happen often.  Nevertheless, it does remind me of the purpose of this site.

  • You and I build and run reports.
  • We handle large amounts of data.
  • We make “work-around” processes and get the job done… no matter what it takes.

But we feel alone in this effort.  Mostly we are teaching others, and are not learning new things ourselves.  Does that mean we’ve gone as far as our technical skills can go?  No, when we get to this level in our respective companies or departments we don’t come in contact with many others like us.

This is a call out to you and anyone else like you or me.   You’re not alone, and you do need help.  Let’s talk about our challenges and learn from each other.  Let’s connect with each other, so we talk at a level without having to explain everything.  This is a place where you can share your tips and amaze others like you.

So the next time you build a sweet macro, or combine some formulas to cut hours out of a process, know that there are others out there.  In the words of Lowes, “Let’s build something together.”

Photo Credit: Invisible Lens

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