3 Amazingly Simple Techniques To Accomplish Your Goals

I love that John Lennon song that says, “…so what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.”  Seems every year you have goals that you think about and plan for, but quickly forget.  How many times have you come to New Years and realized that you had complete forgotten about last year’s resolution?

So how do you keep your resolutions?

Here are three amazingly simple, yet unbelievably powerful, techniques that will help you.

1. Add Metrics

This is probably the most beneficial technique.  If you have a goal, then you need to have steps that measure your progress.  Failing gets much easier if it’s “all or nothing.” Instead find measures that are smaller and mark progression.  For example; if you want to lose weight, then rather than measure the scale, count your actions towards the goal.  Like how many glasses of water you drink, or how many 10 minute segments of exercise, how many time you refused a carbohydrate.  It needs to be something that you can mark off frequently.

2. Chop up into time segments

Take your goal and split it up into accomplishments per month, or per week.  If you want to learn SQL, set out to complete a section per week at www.w3schools.com Make the accomplishments small and spread them out throughout the year.

3. Tell people

You’re way more likely to accomplish your goal if you know someone is going to ask you about it.  That pressure can be the motivator that pushes you to get something done before meeting that friend who you know is going to ask if you’ve written a chapter of your new book.

Without these techniques I would have never gotten this post written.

What other techniques have worked for you?

Photo by: Phil Gradwell

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