Avoiding Change in Your Job?

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There’s a proverb that says “without a vision, people perish.”  And every successful person

I’ve talked to has had the same mindset, “manage your career.” But what do you do when you’re happy with what you do?

I don’t like everything about it, but there’s more things I like than dislike.  So, I’m in the awkward position of not wanting things to change.  However, biology teaches repeatedly that things change.

  • A barren piece of ground will start with weeds and eventually grow something. (That’s why deserts freak me out.  Never going to Burning Man.)
  • We get over colds, but they always change enough to get us sick the following year. (If everyone would just stop licking doorknobs for one year we’d be done with this thing finally)
  • Everything on earth is either growing or decaying.  (Can you think of anything where I’m wrong?)

barren desertNow that’s something you can resonate with, “I don’t want things to change.”  Many of us feel that way about relationships, jobs, family relations.  So the questions I have are these:

1. How much effort do I put into trying to keep things the same?

2. Do I have to come up with a better vision that gives me a new direction to sail towards?

3. Do I just need more Zen in my life?

The quote from Kung-Fu Panda sticks out, “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called a present.”  I’m leaning towards number 3.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts/reactions in the comments below

Photo Credit: Irargerich and Mahatma4711

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